NGVi is now more than natural gas. Welcome to the new Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute – AFVi!

Press Release: NGVi Launches AFVi To Meet Growing Demand for Alternative Fuel Training

An NGVi employee stands at their ACT booth while display boards announce AFVi, the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute.

Natural Gas Vehicle Institute (NGVi), the only ASE-accredited training provider in the entire alternative fuels industry, is proud to announce that it is launching the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute (AFVi). This news was shared at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, currently being held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. As an expansion of […]

Are You Confused by the Requirements of NFPA 52 and NGV 6.1?

NFPA 52 is displayed as the shadow of NGV 6.1

Until recently, the primary code governing CNG fuel system installations has been NFPA 52. However, the 2023 version of NFPA 52 has introduced ANSI/CSA NGV 6.1 as a standard that also governs these installations, and, by default, inspection requirements. The team at NGVi has performed a thorough analysis and comparison of both documents, and has […]

Potential causes of low power in CNG engines

Cummins INSITE software used to diagnose CNG vehicle

The biggest difference drivers report when they swap from diesel-powered vehicles to those that operate on natural gas is that they appear to be running on low power. Many times, the reason this happens with newer Cummins NG engines is simply because these drivers have to get used to a new fuel delivery system. We’ve […]

RNG Positions Natural Gas as the Better Green Alternative

If you don’t currently use renewable natural gas (RNG) to fuel your CNG fleet, chances are you will in the near future. This isn’t simply because RNG is transported through the same pipelines as traditional natural gas, but because of its growing popularity as a green alternative that’s available today. What makes RNG so successful, […]

NGVi Partner Spotlight: Valvoline Salutes Unsung Heroes of COVID-19

When NGVi chooses companies to participate in our Partners Program, we take the responsibility seriously.  We know that NGV fleets all over the country look to our partners for the highest-quality products and services, and our goal is to make sure that’s exactly what they get. But choosing an NGVi Partner goes deeper, because as […]

2014 North American NGV Conference & Expo: A Must-Attend Event for the NGV Industry

Perspectives with Stephe Yborra, Director of Market Development at NGVAmerica A vast number of news articles and announcements are produced each week about fleets converting to natural gas, growing an existing NGV fleet, or opening new CNG stations. In the past few years, the rate of growth in the number of commercial fleets that have […]

NGV Industry Calling for Adoption of Diesel Gallon Equivalent

By Kasia McBride, Marketing Manager, NGVi    ore and more heavy-duty vehicle fleets are making the transition from diesel to natural gas. Because of this, it is imperative that natural gas is sold in a way that allows retailers and heavy-duty vehicle operators to easily compare it to diesel. In January 2014, NGVAmerica distributed a […]