NGVi is now more than natural gas. Welcome to the new Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute – AFVi!

CNG Fueling Stations

When building or modifying a CNG station, you want to make sure you accomplish three goals:

  • Build the right size station with the right equipment so it delivers enough fuel;
  • Plan and prepare for future expansion; and
  • Don’t spend more money than is necessary.

Sometimes designers have diffiulty helping clients accomplish all three. AFVi helps you size and design your CNG fueling station based on the actual fueling requirements and fueling pattern of the vehicles to be fueled. And we walk with you through every step of the procurement and construction process to make sure the station performs as specified after it’s built.

AFVi provides a variety of services to help clients with CNG fueling station needs, including those for new and existing stations.

New or Expanding CNG StationsExisting CNG Stations
Site evaluations for proposed stationsSafety evaluations
CNG fueling station sizingPerformance evaluations
Develop fueling specificationsTroubleshooting existing fueling problems
Compiling qualified bidder listsMaintenance plans and best practices
Proposal evaluation and vendor selection 
Advice on permitting issues 
Construction process management assistance