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NGVi Partner Spotlight: Valvoline Salutes Unsung Heroes of COVID-19

When NGVi chooses companies to participate in our Partners Program, we take the responsibility seriously.  We know that NGV fleets all over the country look to our partners for the highest-quality products and services, and our goal is to make sure that’s exactly what they get.

But choosing an NGVi Partner goes deeper, because as the name “partner” implies, we align with companies who share our core values—companies that are committed to something bigger than “just doing business.”

Valvoline totally fits that designation.

Recently, Valvoline announced its “Thanks to Truckers” initiative, a campaign honoring big rig truckers, delivery carriers and waste management professionals providing essential services during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Through this initiative, Valvoline will collect #ThanksToTruckers messages and notes of appreciation from individuals and businesses nationwide through its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms, as well as through its network of influencers.

The company will activate a number of distribution tactics to ensure these notes of gratitude reach professional fleet drivers across the U.S., including:

  • Produce and distribute 7,500 care packages for drivers in various fleets that contain high-demand essentials such as hand sanitizer and masks, as well as snacks, beverages, branded hats and thank you cards.
  • Broadcast messages via Red Eye Radio, a nationally syndicated talk show providing professional truck drivers up-to-the-minute news, information and entertainment.
  • Utilize Valvoline’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms to share thank you notes.

“American fleets of all types are devoting countless hours to keep the American economy moving — all while being away from their homes and families and putting their personal health at risk,” said Sam Mitchell, Valvoline Inc. CEO. “Here at Valvoline, we want to illustrate our appreciation to these fleets that are serving us in extraordinary ways. These hardworking men and women should be celebrated for the personal sacrifices they’re making to keep businesses and homes equipped with the goods and essential services needed throughout this historic crisis.”

Kudos, Valvoline, for your #ThankstoTruckers initiative.

If you’d like to join with NGVi supporting Valvoline’s #ThankstoTruckers initiative, you can visit

To submit your own note of appreciation for truckers across the U.S., visit Valvoline’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts, or make a post on your personal social account using the hashtag #ThanksToTruckers.