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2 Critical Elements for Operating and Maintaining a CNG Transit Fleet

Miami-Dade CNG transit buses rest in a parking lot while the sun sets.

Besides appropriate safety policies and protocols, a CNG transit fleet depends on two critical elements to be safe and successful: 1) obtaining comprehensive training for all technicians and support teams; and 2) performing appropriate fuel system inspections at the proper intervals. Here’s a full breakdown for each, and how to apply them to your own […]

4 Ways Transit Agencies Can Improve Their CNG Fleets

Open cylinder shields on top of a CNG bus.

Transit agencies have four key areas they can focus on if they want to maximize the use of their CNG fleets. They include adhering to the proper vehicle inspection intervals; establishing standard operating procedures for maintenance, repairs, and potential incidents; encouraging up-to-date training for drivers and technicians; and requiring certification for all CNG fuel system […]

Four Essential Best Practices for CNG Transit Fleets

Transit agencies are one of the most active adopters of natural gas vehicles, due to the favorable economics and unparalleled environmental benefits of natural gas. There are nearly 20,000 natural gas buses on U.S. roads, and about 35% of new transit buses are powered by CNG. Since transit buses routinely operate in more densely populated […]