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Level 2: Hydrogen Vehicle Fuel System Inspector Training

Gaseous fuels, such as hydrogen, have properties that require the fuel systems used to be rigorously inspected at specific intervals.  Inspections are a preventative measure that can help prevent dangerous situations and protect vehicle operators.  Inspection of the fuel system in a hydrogen vehicle is essential and an industry best practice.

This course addresses the unique components of a hydrogen fuel system, the codes and standards used to guide inspections, proper inspection techniques, and other necessary safety measures for working with hydrogen vehicles.

Ultimately, it is designed to help ensure technicians are adequately trained to properly conduct hydrogen fuel system inspections according to all the current codes and standards.


Level 1 H2 Vehicle Essentials and Safety Practices

Who Should Attend?

Experienced vehicle technicians employed by fleets or dealerships who are:

  • Responsible for performing H2 vehicle fuel system inspections.
  • Seeking to refresh knowledge on H2 vehicle fuel system inspections.

Educators/Trainers/Field Service Representatives


Instructional staff members of colleges, universities, private training organizations, fleets, dealers or manufacturers are not candidates for this course, but have numerous options for bringing AFVi’s training classes to their campuses or facilities. For more information, contact us at 800-510-6484.