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CNG Cylinder Rupture and Fire


December 2018 – Bakersfield, CA: During fueling of a CNG truck, one or more cylinders ruptured, destroying both the truck and the CNG station.  The truck driver was also seriously injured.

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Incident Details NGVi Safety Note

December 2018 – Bakersfield, CA:  During fueling of a CNG truck, one or more CNG cylinders ruptured, destroying both the truck and the CNG station.  In addition, the truck driver who was fueling the vehicle was injured.

The official cause of the incident has not been released.


Could this incident have been prevented?

Most CNG cylinder rupture incidents occur during fueling, and all known ruptures in the U.S. prior to this incident have resulted from undetected CNG cylinder damage.

If this was the case in this incident, the incident may have been preventable by following the NGV industry’s recommended inspection intervals:

  • Detailed Visual Inspection performed by a trained and qualified CNG Fuel System Inspector prior to placing the vehicle into service;
  • Daily Pre- and Post-Trip Inspections performed by the driver required by FMVCSA;
  • General Visual Inspections at all PM Intervals; and
  • a Detailed Visual Inspection performed every three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first, and after ANY fire or accident.

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All CNG Fuel System Inspectors must be trained and qualified, and NGVi recommends certification for these inspectors as well to obtain measurable evidence of their ability to complete the inspection according to all codes, standards and industry best practices.

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