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New Technology From Parker Tube Fittings Takes ORFS Fittings to the Xtreme

By Ted Amling, Sr. Project Engineer, Parker Hannifin Corporation, Tube Fittings Division Effectively sealing fluids and gases at extreme temperatures is always a challenge, due either to the temperatures, chemical compatibility, limited connection options or space. Finding reliable connections for extreme cold, such as LNG systems, or extreme heat, such as fuel gas lines on […]

NGVi Sponsor Spotlight: CP Industries, Inc. – More Than a Century of Innovation

By CP Industries, Inc. 1897 When Christy Park Plant was built in 1897 on the old Penney Farm, in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, it consisted of a single main working building and one small office building. It was designed to manufacture seamless steel tubing and small compressed gas cylinders. Christy Park’s new equipment could make larger and […]

The Road to Safe Methane Detection: Infrared and Catalytic Sensors

By Mark Rehak, Divisional Sales Director, US, Draeger, Inc. When hazardous gases and vapors build up and reach dangerous concentrations, our sensory organs are often unable to detect these airborne hazards. As a result, we seek and develop solutions that maximize our safety and protect against these risks before they escalate and become critical health […]

Perspectives With Kevin Collins, VP of Business Development, CP Industries

By Robin Skibicki, Marketing Coordinator, NGVi For over a century, CP Industries has manufactured and produced large, seamless pressure vessels. In the fall of 1897, the company was founded as U.S. Seamless Tube Works. The plant, called Christy Park Works, began manufacturing seamless steel tubing and small compressed gas cylinders in the spring of 1898. In […]

Perspectives With Michael R. Wedding, Senior Application Engineer, Valvoline

By Robin Skibicki, Marketing Coordinator, NGVi In 1866, Dr. John Ellis founded the Continuous Oil Refining Company. He had developed a highly-effective lubricant while researching medicinal uses for refined crude oil. This product addressed the sticking valves and other issues that were constraining the performance and advancement of the steam engine industry. Dr. Ellis named the product […]

Perspectives With Bill Higginbotham, President and CEO, ET Environmental

By Robin Skibicki, Marketing Coordinator, NGVi ET Environmental, an independent design/build firm, focuses on design and construction of alternative fueling infrastructure and maintenance facilities, as well as all areas of the solid waste industry. They are comprised of in-house professional engineers and construction managers, with 14 offices throughout the U.S. and Canada. NGVi recently had the […]

Perspectives With Lindsay Wallace, Product Owner, HandyTube Corporation

By Kasia McBride, Marketing Manager, NGVi   Recently, NGVi had the chance to sit down with Lindsay Wallace, Product Manager at HandyTube™ Corporation. An NGVi sponsor, HandyTube, a Handy & Harman Company, is a premium manufacturer of seamless, stainless steel and high-nickel coil tubing used within diverse industrial, manufacturing and research industries worldwide. Can you […]

Perspectives With Joe Marinaccio, Titeflex Commercial

By Kasia McBride, Marketing Manager, NGVi Titeflex Commercial is a flexible PTFE (Teflon) hose company specializing in the transfer of fluids and gases. Their primary markets include the Aerospace, Automotive, and Industrial markets. Titeflex’s products are highly specialized and carry the highest quality standards for each market they serve. The company has been a part […]

Perspectives with Kurt Sorschak, President and CEO of Xebec Adsorption Inc.

By Kasia McBride, Marketing Manager, NGVi   Recently, NGVi had the chance to sit down with Kurt Sorschak, President and CEO of Xebec Adsorption Inc. An NGVi sponsor, Xebec Adsorption Inc. is a global provider of clean energy solutions to corporations and governments looking to reduce their carbon footprints. Xebec designs and builds biogas upgrading […]