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What Is the Hydrogen Rainbow, and What Types of Hydrogen Does It Include?

The hydrogen rainbow concept: differently colored strings of molecules surround a bubble with an H₂ fuel pump icon.

The hydrogen rainbow is a term used to describe the different types of hydrogen that either exist naturally or are produced through man-made processes. Differentiating between these types is important for understanding where they come from and how they affect the environment. Below, we discuss the main colors you can expect to hear about in […]

Unveiling the Future: Honda’s Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Module Revolution

3D illustration of a futuristic car connected to a hydrogen fueling station via an illuminated cable.

Honda recently showcased its commitment to sustainable transportation with advancing its hydrogen fuel-cell module. Per Green Car Reports, the automaker revealed its plans to power its CR-V model using this cutting-edge technology. Doing so reflects the promise of a cleaner, greener future for other areas of the automotive industry, as well as for backup power […]